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Laughing Boy: A Navajo Love Story: A Pulitzer Prize Winner

Laughing Boy: A Navajo Love Story: A Pulitzer Prize Winner

ISBN: 9780618446728
  • Author: La Farge, Gomez
  • Condition: New
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Winner of the Pulitzer Prize

"A romantic idyll played out in the rhythms and meanings of a vanished Navajo world." --Denver Post

An enduring American classic, Oliver La Farge's award-winning first novel captures the essence of the Southwest in the early twentieth century.

Laughing Boy is a model member of his tribe. Raised in old traditions, skilled in silver work, and known for his prowess in the wild horse races, he does the Navajos of T'o Tlakai proud. But times are changing. It is 1914, and the first car has just driven into their country. Then, Laughing Boy meets Slim Girl--and despite her "American" education and the warnings of his family, he gives in to desire and marries her.

As Laughing Boy and Slim Girl settle away from traditional villages--their different upbringings clashing within both their relationship and the ever-encroaching culture around them--each of their worlds are thrown into a heart-wrenching turmoil of love, honor, hope, and heritage.

"Compelling in its strength and simplicity, and its fidelity to the deepest impulses of human nature," Laughing Boy is an unprecedented look at both the Navajo culture and the enduring legacy of tradition and loss that all Americans share (New York Times).

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