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Gun: A Visual History

Gun: A Visual History

ISBN: 9780756695736
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Watch a 700-year history unfold, from the medieval "hand-gonne" to today's technologically advanced assault weapons.

Discover how gun design influenced warfare, from the 15th century when the arquebus defeated swordsmen, to the 20th century when the submachinegun gave the military vastly increased firepower. Guns: A Visual History shows in unique visual detail on how gun design evolved. It features more than 300 iconic examples, including the military AK-47 assault rifle and the pistol used by many police forces - the Glock 17. Each weapon is shown in close up with details of its design, barrel, calibre, and firepower.

This comprehensive volume also features sporting guns, anti-tank weaponry and concealed assassin spy guns, such as the umbrella gun that killed Georgi Markov in 1978. It takes you inside iconic firearm firms such as Biretta, Colt and Lee Enfield, and tells stories of infamous sharpshooters from Dick Turpin to Al Capone.

Whether you collect firearms or enjoy field sports and military history, Guns: A Visual History is an unmissable reference title.
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